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What is the effect of iodine on the human body?


What is the effect of iodine on the human body?

1. iodine is a trace nutrient necessary for the human body's metabolism and growth and development. It is the main raw material for the human body synthetic thyroid hormone.

2. The thyroid hormone participates in the body's metabolism, maintains the normal function of all organs, and promotes the growth and development of the human body, especially the brain.

3. The fetus and infants (1-3 years old) are the critical period of children's brain development. If the child deficiency in the fetus and infants and young children, it will affect the normal development of the brain and seriously cause Katin disease, deaf and dumb, and intellectual damage.

4. The iodine required by the fetus comes from the mother. Therefore, insufficient iodine nutrition of pregnant women can cause the fetus to deficiency. If severe iodine deficiency during pregnancy, there will be abortion, premature birth, death, and congenital malformations.

5. Women during pregnancy and breastfeeding are significantly more demand for iodine than ordinary people, and they need to supplement the appropriate amount in time.

6. Adults may lead to low thyroid dysfunction, prone to fatigue, mental unimpruy, and decline in work efficiency.